jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Summer 2015 Towers lover

Following the movie process and the installation The Mountain, I had a lot of material accumulated over more than a year of work and research over the power plant tower. Most of these elements were illustration and painting made over text but also poetry wrote over the movie shooting and simple moments of observation. I realized such works were also marking an evolution made by my perception over the object I observed but also a language confrontation. Over my own life, in between the use of french and english in between which I permanently juggle. The book is still being work on by an editor now and should try to explore my perception limits illustrated by languages and different mediums I used. I simply present here some of the illustrations and part of texts and poems:

Purity for a youth concomitant to its end
Under tress taking their lights
I leave time to a burning cigarette
Light on dreams with no bitterness
Corridor of some happiness you can sniff in the mist of a fading morning

Here come the premises of a morning with wet feet
Achilles’ hill soft and ready to receive
Childhood mark sadly in quest
Blue sky apathetic because unashamedly

State illusion, soundless movement compose of harmonics waves
Nature’s au pair girl, hopping in the abyss of her heart a pleasure extension
My universe is open to all interpretation. It’s a world where stories can born out of each street corners. Meanwhile over my head the rest of the world keep passing by. Chain of planes one after the other, on the smell of this industrial area. None of your would love me. Somehow this doesn’t matter or neither affects the peace, which overrule this journey. Rather on the boat or by the dock, on both sides of this space now in front of me, the only governor is my imagination. You are all passing around me empty and not present anymore. As your mind and body, none of you exist now. Only the captain rules over, opening and closing the perception gates. He is the one owning the fence between yourself and what is left of your imagination. .
Lines without meaning
Because ocean with no water
In this moment I do not exist
You re the rhythm of diagonal and orange pool
Danced by the wind
Structured by echoes
Steam of whistling
You are the tower of my dreams now in front of me.
A dead tree, not exactly winter, and this is part of the deal,
The creepy atmosphere on the dog-training field,
A vision of deaf, when it is actually just a sleep.
I’m nothing at the heaven doors,
Even though this tower is making clouds,
Could it be hell in there?
A gap in between the emptiness and the clouds generator.
Where are they going?
Theses clouds, this pure dream
There are crawling out and running in
Particles by billions free now
There is an endless dance going on here
Some miracles being created
The silence of the wind
Meet the soundless creation of steam
A magical moment resisting daylight
Mountain of illusion
You finally rise in the flatness of reality.
The foundation start blue
Impression of unlimited doors as base of this structure
On this comes a line twice bigger. Bricks I think from here. Them come the separation. Division of life and death somehow. On the left nothing.
The structure there is a bit thinner, the tower might even be higher, but nothing come out of it. From my right things are coming out. The building imposes himself on a completely different level. A fortress.
From which this tube of power emerge. First dark grey and suddenly fine tower, light grey at the end, ocean of smoke, and the purest foam waves ever made.

Spring 2014 The Madlab goes over its role

Video installation over 4 screen, this project was actually the first Madlab official presentation. Realized for the Uncut exhibition organized annually by the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, the theme of the year was connection in between modern art and theater. The Screens presented 4 different shots realized all over Amsterdam presenting two sorts of mimes reproducing the same kind of gestures. This presentation present our contracted but also imposed image. Joke as much as a further step in this quest of definition started one year earlier and that we still pursue the project was a first expose group work. The following present you the video as it was cut and dispose on 4 screens over the exhibition:

Winter 2014-2015 The mountain (Exhibition)

This exhibition was dedicated to a project I developed over more than year. The installation was composed of 5 glass sculptures and 4 movie projection within the gallery DITS in Amsterdam. The project initially made to be a movie evolved to a book as presented on the site under the name Tower lover. The complet movie as it was there projected and divided on 4 screens can be seen in the following link. watch?v=wZkyrlEvXzA.

Autumn 2014 The landscapes stoke in my head

This was the second project where my obsession towards perception extended. On this project the limits between landscapes I could perceive,and the one pre-drowned by the ground towards the final piece were hard to define for me. This in between situation, where perspective and point of view are so hard to define have been something I was hunting for. Since my initial use of photography towards any medium and language I can use nowadays, such quest could resume my works in a lot of senses.

Summer 2014 Roskilde music festival

On this side the most design related project I participated. In collaboration with the designers, Jens Toni Willumsen, Nicolas Chuard, and Kristine Sorensen we have been invited to realized an installation for the Roskilde music festival 2014 in Danemark. The project had to be in the same time a relaxation space in between multiple stages and a simple point of gathering for friends or freshly meet peoples. I would to present here some of the project proposal we design and propose and the final version which was selected and built.

mardi 3 novembre 2015

Spring 2014: Collaborative book project with Sasha Herman

This project was developed between Sasha Herman and I over the spring of 2014 as the Madlab was slowly creating itself. The Madlab is an artist collective compose of 5 persons them all part of the Glass department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. As we just started them, Sasha and I had the feeling such birth shall marked. This is how the book came to life, mostly composed of his illustrations and my poetries, we did exchange roles sometimes. We were them already trying to identify this new component in our lives which we are still trying to explore and develop today. If you would like to see or have the complet book please contact by email.

lundi 2 novembre 2015

Winter 2013 Have you seen this man

Realized within the Gerrit Rietveld Academy glass pavilion, this was my first autonomously written and performed play. The setting was composed of a glass paravant, a self portrait painting 80cm X 80cm and me playing 5 roles. Each of them represented an ideal version of me, or rather the parts composing my life. Overview within clichés offered by other, in the back I self recorded notes over each characters, describing as honestly as possible who they were. The full recording is available on this following link: